Peter hero

“I remember attending all the beautiful parties that my mother and father would host at the Bauernhof and the Big House.”

Growing up at Grant’s Farm I spent many days riding and driving horses with my father, Gussie Busch. I was a competitive jumper and would spend hours training the horses in the ring.

There was such a special camaraderie among my friends and the Grant’s Farm team members – we all took pride in maintaining and working every facet of the property.

I met my wife at Grant’s Farm and we had our first child while living there. Later we relocated to Vero Beach, Florida, to purchase and operate Southern Eagle Distributing, an Anheuser-Busch-affiliated distributor. I continue to serve as the owner and chairman of the board.

I developed a true understanding and appreciation for animals at Grant’s Farm, and once we were fully settled in Florida, my family and I wanted to do something for the state’s native wildlife. In 1993 we created the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit education and animal rehabilitation center that continues to attract visitors from all parts of the U.S.

Grant’s Farm means so much to my family. Being able to share the history and memories with my six children and nine grandchildren has become one of my most special moments. When I explore this iconic place with them, it brings a whole new meaning and importance to the legacy of Grant's Farm.